Lightstep Incident Response Alert Method

Lightstep Incident Response Alert Method

Nobl9 has just expanded its selection of available alert methods with a Lightstep Incident Response integration.

Customers who use Lightstep as a data source and utilize the Lightstep Incident Response application can now leverage Nobl9 as a complete end-to-end SLO solution for SLI ingestion, SLO monitoring, and incident alerting. Once they’ve configured the alert method in Nobl9, any alerts raised will be received directly in that application, allowing teams to respond to incidents and fix issues quickly. 

To set up the alert method in Nobl9, go to Integrations > Alert Methods in the Nobl9 UI, click the + button, and select Lightstep Incident Response from the list of available alert methods.

Nobl9 create alert method

To add the integration, you will need to generate a webhook URL in the Lightstep Incident Response UI and copy and paste that URL into Nobl9. Complete details on creating the webhook URL and mapping the alert values that Nobl9 pushes to Lightstep Incident Response to the corresponding values in that tool are available in the Nobl9 documentation.

Nobl9 Lighthouse incident response configuration

Current Nobl9 customers can start using Lightstep Incident Response as an alert method today.

To learn more about Nobl9, visit our SLO Platform page. More information about Lightstep is available via the integration page

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