Nobl9 Product Update Q3 2022

Product Update Q3 - 2022

We’re back with another Nobl9 update! In Q3, we focused our efforts on adding features to help our customers grow their SLO usage and on improving the general SLO experience.

Here’s a look at some of the cool features we released.

Alert Silencing

One major change to our alerting feature is the ability to silence alerts. We’ve heard there are times when an alert is just too noisy or not important enough to merit looking into it right away, and customers just want to put it on hold for a while. You can now pause alert notifications for a configurable period of time, silencing them while you work on the problem or until you have time to address it.

Agent Updates

Customers who deploy their own Agents can now leverage the /health and /metrics endpoints to retrieve Prometheus scrapable metrics. This allows you to set SLOs on your Agents and automate monitoring of their health.

We also added the ability to specify jitter in the agents. This prevents bursts of traffic being sent to the data source endpoints every minute, and spreads out the requests to balance the load.

Integration Updates

We’ve continued our work on extending and improving our integrations this quarter, adding support for transaction metrics to enable additional SLI data from the ThousandEyes data source and updating the Google Cloud Monitoring data source integration to allow the Nobl9 Agent to use Workload Identity to authenticate against the Google APIs.

We also added a new alert method: Lightstep customers using Nobl9 can now not only retrieve SLI data from this data source but also receive alerts in Lightstep Incident Response.

User Experience Improvements

Customers now have the ability to add labels to Projects, making it easier to filter and group SLOs. Labels are a great way to tag and organize your Projects, Services, SLOs, and Alerts. We even published a best practices guide for using labels.

Another notable addition is the ability to deep link into an SLO’s details page in the Service Health Dashboard. Customers can copy and paste the URL, and share that view with anyone in their organization.

Finally, we added the ability to page your SLOs in the grid view and replaced our underlying infrastructure with Elasticsearch, to make finding the SLOs you’re looking for much faster.

It’s been a fun quarter, and we have an exciting Q4 lined up. Watch out for some cool announcements in just a few weeks!

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