Accelerating Into 2021 nobl9

Accelerating Into 2021

As described in my earlier “Anniversary post,” 2020 has been a good year for Nobl9, despite the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. That momentum has continued into Q4, and we’re finishing the year well positioned to accelerate into 2021. Without spoiling all the surprises, let me just say 2021 is already shaping up to be pretty exciting. In Q1 alone, you can expect to see us gain significant traction in building our team, advancing our platform, expanding our customer base, and setting the wheels in motion for a successful scale-out of Nobl9.

Some of the more notable Q4 highlights include:

Open Beta: In October, we moved our platform for software reliability from a closed beta with about a dozen companies into a public beta. We’ve had a great response, gathered valuable product feedback, and received helpful insights into our users’ SLO journeys, as Jenn Ordonez describes in her post, “What I learned from our beta users.” Response has been very positive, with new users signing on and our first licensing deals signed in Q4.

Adobe Systems Presentation: Joseph Sandoval, SRE Manager for the Adobe Advertising Cloud platform, invited Nobl9 to join him for a presentation at the Open Infrastructure Summit, where he went ‘on the record’ describing how his team is using SLOs and the Nobl9 platform to deliver reliable software services on OpenStack.

Key Partnerships: We also announced two new partnerships. New Relic and Lightstep joined our existing partner Datadog, which we announced in August.

IDC Analyst Brief: In November, we published an IDC Analyst Brief, written by IDC analyst Stephen Elliot, program vice president, DevOps and I&O. “SRE Blueprint: Creating and Fulfilling SLOs for Optimized Business Outcomes” underscores the business value of adopting SRE and SLOs, “increasingly the secret weapons in driving great user experience and loyalty.”

Kit Merker, COO: I can easily say that Kit Merker, formerly our SVP of Business Development, played a key role in each of the achievements I just mentioned. In fact, he’s been integral to all Nobl9 has accomplished since joining Brian and me in this adventure over a year ago. So it’s with pleasure and gratitude that I announce his promotion to Chief Operating Officer and the expansion of his role to include marketing, partnerships, business development, and customer success and support.

Join us. It’s going to be a great ride! Until then, all of us at Nobl9 wish you and those you love a happy, safe, and hopeful holiday season.

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