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Get started with 20 SLOs from up to 5 data sources at no cost.

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$833/ month


Up to 50 SLOs with longer retention, 10 data sources, and enhanced support.

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Start with 150 SLOs and scale to your whole organization with critical enterprise-ready features and support.


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Feature Comparison

  Free Edition Teams Edition Enterprise Edition
Price Free $833/month billed annually
$900/month billed monthly
Please contact Nobl9 for scoping and pricing details
SLO Units 20 50 150+
Data Sources Up to 5 All All
Alert Methods All All All
Data Retention 3 months 12 months 2 years
Support Community Support Nobl9 Ticket-Based Support 24x7 Enterprise Support
Replay One Metric at a Time
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Assigned Customer Reliability Engineer (CRE)
Custom Deployment Options (Single-Tenant Saas, Self-Hosted)
Audit Log Access
Single Sign On (SSO)
Data Export

An SLO Unit is defined as the number of unique Error Budgets calculated by Nobl9. Every service level objective (SLO) has a minimum of one Error Budget, and each additional target within an SLO counts as an additional Error Budget. For example, a threshold metric with three targets counts as 3 SLO units. Each SLO unit is displayed within the UI as a single tile on the SLO grid view.

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