Nobl9 Launches Service Health Dashboard

“How’s my reliability right now?” is a common question we get asked from our customers at Nobl9. To easily find an answer and provide a quick view of a customer’s overall organizational health, we are announcing the beta launch of Service Health Dashboard.

Customers can now quickly see how their organization is doing in terms of Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and error budgets. The Service Health Dashboard easily demonstrates which services are at risk or have burned through their error budget and provides insight into service health.

When we first thought about the Service Health Dashboard, we wanted customers using it to answer the following questions:

  • Which services are fine (so I don’t need to worry about them)?
  • Which services have already degraded (so I can make sure the right folks are working on them)?
  • Which services are trending in the wrong direction (so I can have someone keep an eye on them)?

Keeping those questions in mind, users will see the dashboard turn yellow when a service has SLOs with their error budget below 20% and red when they exceed all their error budget for the current time window. Each service is evaluated based on the current time window, so it’s easy to get a high-level view of all services even if their error budgets are being calculated differently. 

Services are grouped by projects, and clicking into the service shows a summary of the SLOs with their remaining budgets.  

Clicking into each SLO will bring up the SLO details to enable a deeper view of the SLO itself.

We also wanted to provide accessibility functionality and enabled two additional filters, one for zoom and another to change the icons to hexagons or show an icon for different states.

The dashboard also has filters to see all services or only services in a specific state.  

We hope these views provide a simple and easy visual of your organization’s service health.

If you’re currently a Nobl9 customer, the dashboards are now available in your account.  If you haven’t tried Nobl9 yet and these dashboards look interesting, click here to request a trial.

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