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Helping Organizations Accelerate Development and Achieve Measured Reliability.

Organizations today are under pressure to innovate while keeping their services up and running as intended. If you are contemplating SLOs for reliability, migrations/modernization initiatives or AI guardrails - you know it takes more than a tool or training; it's a sustained effort to drive a fundamental shift in your team.

Wherever you are in your SLO journey, the Nobl9 Delivery Network provides education when you want it and services when you need it.

Nobl9 power of the community

Power of the community

N9DN harnesses the power of the community to build trust with end customers who are trying to solve problems; transparency is key. The SLO community, sparked by SLOconf, the annual meeting of SLO practitioners, and open-source projects like OpenSLO, SLODLC, and, has already built a robust set of tools that organizations can adopt.

By combining open-source solutions, proven methodologies, strong experience, and expertise, the Nobl9 Delivery Network is poised to bring true business value to enterprises trying to improve reliability.

Element 7-1In joining the Nobl9 Delivery Network, Cognizant Consulting is contributing our vast capabilities and expertise to enhance this already thriving community and its ability to help clients accelerate their reliability improvements."

Jason Meltzer, Consulting Partner, Cognizant
The Nobl9 Delivery Network can provide services to ease the adoption of SLOs. Our highly experienced engineering experts will help you build a program that can scale to your organization's needs, measure results, and significantly impact the team.

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Element 7-1In today’s environment of increasing cost of capital and profitability pressures, collaborating with Nobl9 and the community that has provided foundational assets like SLODLC, OpenSLO and r9y, creates a material competitive advantage."

Jon Elliott, Managing Partner, Teleion


SLO Bootcamp - 4 hours, 7-10 Attendees

We’ve delivered SLO boot camps to the world's biggest companies. We have helped them define SLOs, quantify risk, develop an actionable reliability roadmap, and write down their error budget policy. This action-packed program will help get your team on the same page and kickstart your journey to SLO productivity.

SLO Adoption Program - Contact for Scoping

Nobl9 created a repeatable methodology for adopting SLOs called the SLO Development Lifecycle (SLODLC). We use this program to help teams across your organization build SLOs into their ordinary course of business – using SLOs for alerting, planning, incident reviews, and more. This program focuses on oversight and training teams to become self-sufficient in using SLOs to drive better reliability, make better decisions, and ultimately deliver more innovation to customers while lowering team overload and eliminating bottlenecks. 

Reliability Policy Workshop

Delivering reliability is critical to customer retention, no matter what kind of service you’re offering. Operationalizing Service Level Objectives by defining actions based on error budget burn rates allows you to stay ahead of major incidents and simultaneously accelerate feature development.

AI Policy and SLO Workshop

The world is moving to AI; companies that implement AI will be more competitive but, without guardrails, run risks that can ultimately compromise their businesses. AI policy defined by SLOs allows you to implement AI quickly and safely. This workshop provides the tools to quantify risk, develop an actionable policy roadmap, describe error budget policy, alerting methodology, and day two best practices. This action-packed program will help get your team on the same page and accelerate your AI journey.

Migration & Modernization - Contact for Scoping

If you’re moving from monolith to microservices or building a cloud-based operating model, we can help. Part of ensuring migration success is benchmarking and baselining current operations to demonstrate impact as you re-arrange, migrate, rearchitect, and re-deploy your services. Whether adopting Kubernetes or moving to a single or multi-cloud, we can ensure a smooth transition that lets you scale, control costs, and keep your customers satisfied with your service through the change.

SLO-driven Engineering Pipeline - Typically 30 Days

Integrating SLOs into your continuous integration and delivery (CICD) pipeline is critical in making reliability measurements and goals integral to your development process. We can help your team set up a GitOps approach to defining, sharing, updating, and collaborating on SLOs. We will help your team create SLO templates, add automation to your pipeline, annotate SLOs with software updates, and create change management policies using Git. We can help you with various tools, including GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, Codefresh, Harness, and more.

Custom Professional Services
Let's discuss if you have a different idea or need help in a specific area. We can help you or refer you to a trusted services partner.

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Today we are excited to introduce the Nobl9 Delivery Network (N9DN) to help organizations develop a roadmap for implementing Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and...

Element 7-1Through the SLODLC and OpenSLO, we empower our enterprise customers to increase velocity as they modernize their IT estate and achieve dependable, rapid application development. SLOs drive agility and reliability, propelling businesses into the fast lane of innovation and success, all while making cost optimization a science and not a guessing game."

Cian O'Maidin, President, NearForm

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