Nobl9 Platform

The Nobl9 Platform provides a common understanding of reliability across your organization by defining Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Our SaaS-based platform collects Service Level Indicator (SLI) metrics from your existing observability systems and tracks error budgets across platforms and applications.



Tracks allowable downtime to better manage incident response to keep customers happy



Provides greater choice for observability including open source tools



Helps teams decide which services need more 9s - and which don’t

Create SLOs from All of Your Observability Data

Integrates observability data from existing systems to trigger action to resolve reliability and performance issues across your stack.

Simple, Guided User Interface

Wizard-based configuration makes it easy to define SLOs, reports, and alerts.

Alert Your Team When Error Budgets Get Low

Advanced error budget-based alerting helps you to take corrective action before customers begin to notice.

SLOs in Minutes, Not Months

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Integrate SLOs into Your GitOps Workflows

SLOs as code using Terraform or YAML templates.

Create Composite SLOs

Aggregate multiple Service Level Indicators into a single SLO, creating a more complete understanding of reliability.

Real-time and Historical Reporting

Instantly convert historical data into SLOs and track your service performance and reliability over time.

SLOs in Minutes, Not Months

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Element 7-1NOBL9 has given us a pulse on balancing these two very difficult concerns, and the net of it is that we now have a very clear understanding of when it is time to favor software reliability over features, and vice-versa."

Kristian Dell'Orso, VP Site Reliability Engineering - Flexera



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