Nobl9 2022 Product Update

Nobl9 2022 Product Update

The first few months of 2022 at Nobl9 was a busy time, with a range of projects underway to further our goal of enabling our customers to build and monitor service level objectives (SLOs). The company is growing fast, and we’re constantly striving to continue that growth while working hard to bring you the best possible SLO platform. 

Refreshed Documentation

To make getting up to speed with Nobl9 easier, we’ve revamped our documentation. We knew our old docs wouldn’t scale with the number of features we’re adding every quarter, so we took a step back and decided to migrate them to Docusaurus. We rewrote several articles, and added specific landing pages for all our integrations; our docs now enable deep links and searching, and have more examples to help guide you as you use Nobl9.

New Integrations

One of Nobl9’s differentiators is all the integrations we support. We continue to invest heavily in this area and added data source integration with Amazon Redshift.

We’ve also added an integration on the GitHub Marketplace, providing customers with access to a GitHub action to enable SLOs-as-code. You can store the YAML definitions for your SLOs in GitHub, and during every build and deploy you can leverage the Nobl9 GitHub action to update them as part of your CI process.

Responding to customer feedback, earlier this year we also launched a feature supporting automatic alert resolution notifications via PagerDuty, with a user-specified cooldown window helping to prevent false positives and duplicate alerts. 

Service Health Dashboard Improvements

Another improvement has been an update of the Service Health Dashboard, to provide a cleaner and more compact user experience. Here’s a preview – it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback from our current users:

Nobl9 SLO service health dashboard

Grid View Pagination

We added the ability to paginate through your SLOs on the Grid view.  Customers are able to set the number of SLOs they want to see per page and be able to navigate through their SLOs one set at a time.

AWS Marketplace

Nobl9 has also expanded its sales and delivery channel and launched on the AWS Marketplace. AWS customers can now subscribe to our Hydrogen edition directly from there, and utilize their AWS commits for AWS Marketplace purchases. AWS enterprise customers are invited to contact to discuss AWS Marketplace Private Pricing if you prefer to pay for Nobl9 with your AWS account.  


In addition to all the developments mentioned here, we’ve also started work on a few larger features, some of which we’ll be announcing at SLOConf in May. You can register now - it’s free and it’s the only conference that works around your schedule!

If you haven’t tried Nobl9 yet, feel free to sign up for Nobl9 Free Edition to unlock all the benefits of SLOs.

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