Nobl9 expanding AWS support with Redshift

Nobl9 expanding AWS support with Redshift

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AWS CloudWatch support in Nobl9

I’m excited to announce that Nobl9 has added Amazon Redshift to its fast-growing list of supported data sources. With Nobl9 and Amazon Redshift, you can easily create insightful SLOs using one of the world’s most widely used data warehouses and further accelerate your time to insights.

Amazon Redshift is a fast, easy, and secure cloud data warehousing solution that offers customers limitless possibilities for collecting and analyzing data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes. It’s an ideal solution to operate at scale without the need to set up and run one’s own data warehouse.

With Nobl9, setting up SLOs based on Amazon Redshift data is simpler than ever. When you configure your SLO, you will be asked to provide basic information such as the region, cluster ID, and database name, then enter your query. Custom queries are permitted, as long as they return two values: n9time, the timestamp for the data, and n9value, a float containing the actual metric.

Once your SLOs are in place, you can leverage the other capabilities of Nobl9 to quickly and easily set up an entire monitoring ecosystem, including alerting, reporting, and a Service Health Dashboard. With Amazon Redshift and Nobl9, you have out-of-the-box SLO tooling to define and monitor your infrastructure and metrics. Nobl9 also supports CloudWatch metrics and Amazon Managed Prometheus to provide a full SLO solution for all your metrics.

redshift SLO wizard

For more information on how to use Amazon Redshift with Nobl9, see the Nobl9 documentation

To learn more about Nobl9 and SLOs, visit If you’d like to try out the Nobl9 console and see how it can help your business, sign up for Nobl9 Free Edition

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