Take a Peek at SLOconf 2022

Take a Peek at SLOconf 2022

Last year in March a single Tweet snowballed and quickly turned into SLOconf 2021 just two months later. Following a unique approach that saw talks limited to 5-10 minute “watch-while-you-work” videos it was a run-away success with over 2,200+  participants! Part of what made this format work so well in a remote world was not only the digestible format of the talks, but the vibrant conversations attendees and speakers engaged in on Slack. With four total tracks for the conference, one channel was set up per track and let people not just discuss the talks they were watching, but also see how the similar topics related to and built off of each other.

On May 9-12 SLOconf returns for a 2022 edition, and just like last year there is an amazing set of talks split across four tracks. Let’s dive into them a bit.

SLO FUNdamentals

In this first track you’ll find a wealth of information about the fundamentals of an SLO-based approach to reliability; but that doesn’t mean it’s just for beginners! Even the most seasoned veterans will find ideas to take away from these talks. For example, Austin Krauza will go into details about why meaningful SLIs are so important, Ajuna Kyaruzi will help you better understand error budget burn rates, and Ian Bartholomew will discuss what “reliability” actually means.

SLOs for Everyone

While traditionally SLOs have been in the domain of engineering, it actually turns out that these concepts are useful for just about everyone! Some talks you’ll find in this track include Kasia Zemka explaining why SLOs aren’t just for SREs, Erik Morgan will tell you about the SLO lessons he’s learned in his 20 years as a professional chef, and Bob van Landyut and Andrew Newdigate team up to explain how everyone can help contribute to your SLOs!

SLO Stories

Narratives are always a powerful way to learn. In this track you can expect to hear some great stories from people who have already embarked on their SLO journeys. Among others, you will get to hear Liz Fong-Jones regale you about event-based SLOs and Timothy Bonci step you through measuring a CI/CD platform.

The Future of SLOs

In our final track you’ll get a chance to learn all about some of the new and exciting things people are doing with SLOs! For example, Mandi Walls and Julie Gunderson will tell you about the connection between SLOs and chaos engineering, Emily Gorcenski explains why we need a new and better way of measuring data-intensive systems, and Shelby Spees will introduce you to using tracing data to inform your SLOs.

These are just a few small snippets of all of the amazing talks SLOconf 2022 has in store for you this year. Please check out the speaker list here and register to attend today! It’s free!


Featured image via Sandro Katalina.

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