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Choose Your Own SLOconf Adventure

SLOconf has always stood apart from other conferences by making all content available to everyone all at the same time. With “snackable” short talks designed for a “watch while you work” approach, attendees from all over the world gain immediate access to great and thought-provoking snippets of wisdom. However, just like how we’ve changed things up with the SLOconf Local in-person events this year, we thought we’d flip it up a bit in terms of the talks as well.

This year we want everyone to be able to choose their own adventure with our SLO Series approach. For 2023 we’ve set up 11 unique Series of related Episodes (talks). For example, if you’re looking for some real math nerd stuff, check out the Math of SLOs Series. Or if you want to hear about some stories of SLO use outside of measuring computer services, check out the SLOs are Everywhere Series. Each Series also has its own channel on the Slack to make it easier to plan times to watch with others, to discuss the talks, or to ask questions of the speakers directly!

All in all we want everyone to enjoy SLOconf in their own way, but we hope with these SLO Series we’re providing a new way to figure out what to watch. Check out all of the Series below:

  • Diving Deep - In yet another first for SLOconf, we carefully selected some talk proposals to be presented in a longer format. These talks are great for people who really want to sink their teeth into things.   #discuss-diving-deep
  • Doing SLOs Well - This Series is filled with insight from experts who really know their stuff. Learn from them about how to get the most benefits out of SLOs!   #discuss-slo-advice
  • How I Use SLOs and You Can Too - Learning about the philosophies or techniques behind SLOs is all good and well, but sometimes you want to hear stories about exactly how others have done things. Come hear their stories here.   #discuss-how-i-use-slos
  • Operating and Tuning SLOs - Get great advice from practitioners who have already lived the SLO life and learn how to actually use the data SLOs provide you on a day-by-day basis.   #discuss-operating-and-tuning-slos
  • Panels - Do you want to hear a bunch of people arguing and agreeing about SLOs at the same time? Come check out these great moderated panels!   #discuss-panels
  • SLOs and Humans - No matter how much time we spend deep in code, we’re always operating in socio-technical systems. Hear from experts in terms of the human factors of SLO-based approaches.   #discuss-slos-for-humans
  • SLOs are Everywhere! - The most basic premise behind SLOs is that nothing is ever 100% perfect, so don’t aim to be and pick the correct target instead. It turns out that this idea applies to so many things that don’t have anything to do with computers! This Series features a bunch of cool stories about people using SLOs in the real world.   #discuss-slos-are-everywhere
  • SLOs-as-Code - Codifying the configuration of your infrastructure and your services is something at the core of SRE and DevOps, so it shouldn’t be any different for your SLOs!   #discuss-slos-as-code
  • The Business of SLOs - SLOs aren’t just for the people operating and running software; they really apply to all aspects of your business. This Series is filled with ideas about how to grow their use across your organization and tie them to your business realities.   #discuss-business-slos
  • The Math of SLOs - Nerd out (in a good way) with some truly deep looks at how you can get to advanced understandings of your telemetry and measurements.   #discuss-math-of-slos

  • The SLO Adoption Journey - It’s not always easy to get started or stick with an SLO-based approach. Each business, organization, or team is unique, and they’ll all require different ways to get buy-in and to do SLOs successfully. In this Series, experts from all types of companies will share with you their tips and tricks for starting and continuing your SLO journey.   #discuss-slo-adoption-journey

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