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Elevate Your Reliability Management: Introducing SLO Details 2.0

We're excited to announce the release of SLO Details 2.0, a significant upgrade to our primary user interface. It is designed to help you quickly understand the reliability of your digital services while giving you actionable insights that make the next steps much clearer. To better understand how these enhancements can revolutionize your approach to service reliability, let's dive into the specifics of what SLO Details 2.0 has to offer.

Unveiling SLO Details 2.0: A New Era of Service Reliability Tools

The new SLO Details 2.0 page is a comprehensive tool that provides a detailed view of your reliability. It allows you to engage deeply with your SLOs and the data behind them without noise or other distractions. This new design was driven by user feedback, emphasizing the need for a simple, yet more immersive user experience.

With SLO Details 2.0, you can quickly assess the health of your services, track both current and historical performance, and easily navigate key metrics such as Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and the SLO Burn rate chart. This holistic view ensures you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and maintain high service reliability.

SLO Details Overview within Nobl9

Key Features of SLO Details 2.0

  • Full-Screen View: Provides an immersive experience to deeply inspect SLO data.
  • New Overview section: Focuses on the most important metrics for the Primary Objective
  • Primary Objective Selection: Simplifies the overview for multiple-objective SLOs by focusing on the most critical metric.
  • Comprehensive Data: Aggregates all settings, metadata, and performance data in one place, including SLIs and the SLO Burn rate chart.
  • Actionable Insights: Enables users to quickly identify and understand reliability issues and take proactive steps to address them.
  • Objectives tab: Allows users to browse and review each objectives performance

The evolution of these features reflects our response to the expanding needs of our diverse user base, ranging from tech giants to e-commerce platforms.

Objectives tab within Nobl9

Adapting to Diverse Needs: How Nobl9 Has Evolved With Its Users

Initially catering to technology companies and early adopters of the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) model, our solutions were designed for those who understood the complex details of SLOs. These tools were rich in features and highly customizable.

As the variety of our users expanded to include sectors like finance, restaurant chains, or e-commerce, so did their needs. The application of SLOs expanded dramatically, with organizations managing hundreds, even thousands of SLOs. In response, Nobl9 evolved from merely creating and managing SLOs to helping users derive significant value from them. This growth has not only broadened our perspective but has also deepened our commitment to continuous improvement, as evidenced by the transformative journey of our SLO management tools.

Nobl9’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Since our launch, Nobl9 has been at the forefront of SLO management. Our initial SLO views were simple yet powerful, laying the groundwork for the comprehensive toolset we have today. Over the years, we've not only listened but actively incorporated that feedback, ensuring that every iteration delivers maximum value and meets our customers' evolving needs. 

Early iteration of Nobl9

Now, we pride ourselves as an organization that shapes our future with the voice of our users. This keeps us agile in our development, ensuring every release will carry value to our customer base. This work eventually led us to the comprehensive reliability management center we have today. SLOs still take center stage, but listening to our users has directed us toward prioritizing actionable insights gained from the data, as well as developing business-readable reporting on the health of your systems.

We developed advanced dashboards, insightful reports, and smarter labeling systems, greatly simplifying the organization of SLOs, but also helping technical teams explain their importance to business stakeholders. With updated reporting features, Nobl9 excels in connecting system reliability to business initiatives, fostering a company-wide culture of smart and sustainable reliability management. With new users from different positions within organizations, we learned of more use cases for our platform. These new uses opened our eyes to even more possibilities and opportunities within designing the most comprehensive tools possible. 

Legacy SLO Details

The Need for a Redesigned SLO Details Page

The use of SLOs has expanded across all levels of organizations, spanning technical teams to executives. SLOs, as well as the derived reporting, became critical for tracking and enhancing customer experience through reliable service. To accommodate a wider range of use cases, we had to redesign our primary interface, the SLO Details page.

The SLO Details page is a crucial touchpoint in the user journey within Nobl9. It offers a comprehensive overview of an SLO by consolidating all settings, metadata, and displaying both current and historical performance data. This includes features like Service Level Indicator (SLI) metrics and the SLO Burn rate chart. However, feedback revealed that the complexity added since its last major update in 2021 had made it overwhelming for some users. Over time the view was extended with more and more information regarding additional SLO features. We introduced annotations, silencing alerts, and Composite SLOs, among other developments that crowded the SLO details page. With the redesigned SLO Details page now better aligned with user expectations, we are excited to set our sights on future enhancements that will continue to elevate the standards of service reliability.

Future-Proofing Service Reliability

With the release of SLO Details 2.0 in May 2024, we are excited to introduce the first iteration of our enhanced offering. This update just marks the beginning, with many more improvements planned as our development team continues their work. 

If you have any questions regarding our platform or how it can help with your own reliability initiatives, you can schedule time with one of our specialists here.


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