Reliability Is Invisible... Until It Isn't

In the world of technology and other industries, reliability is often the unsung hero. It quietly hums in the background, working tirelessly to ensure that systems run smoothly, products perform as expected, and businesses thrive. Yet, like the air we breathe or the electricity that powers our lives, we often take reliability for granted until it falters, sending shockwaves through our carefully constructed plans. 

Today, more than ever before, companies are waking up to the critical importance of reliability. They are realizing that in our increasingly interconnected world, where competition is fierce and customer expectations are sky-high, reliability is the bedrock upon which trust and success are built.

Nobl9: Pioneering Reliability Excellence

At Nobl9, our journey has been centered on the unwavering belief that reliability isn't just a goal—it's a fundamental requirement for success. From the outset, we've dedicated ourselves to providing the best service level objective (SLO) experience for our customers. We understood early on that the ability to create and manage meaningful SLOs, coupled with precise measurements of reliability through these SLOs, is the key to delivering dependable solutions. As the industry landscape evolves, we've closely watched the changes in customer SLO usage and the market's needs. The feedback we've received has been clear and resounding: there's a growing demand for a centralized hub of reliability-related information. In an age where companies are continually striving to monitor every facet of their infrastructure and applications, the creation of countless SLOs has led to a challenge of focus and clarity. This is where the Nobl9 Reliability Center comes into play. The Reliability Center offers a clear and comprehensive view of reliability, helping organizations navigate complexity and ensure that reliability remains a top priority. 

Nobl9 Reliability Center: A Comprehensive Solution

The Nobl9 Reliability Center is not a single standalone feature; it's the culmination of Nobl9's dedication to providing the best reliability experience for our customers. In recognition of the complexities of modern systems and enterprises, we have designed the Reliability Center to be a versatile and powerful tool. It harnesses the inputs from over 24 data sources, enabling organizations to measure reliability on all fronts. What sets Nobl9 apart is our commitment to enriching this telemetry with context. Users can seamlessly incorporate automated or user-provided annotations, facilitating the tracking of deployments, incidents, alerts, notifications, and configuration changes.

Measuring reliability is only part of the equation. The Reliability Center ensures that customers are promptly informed when reliability begins to degrade. Our modern alerting system, crafted by our team, empowers users to manage alerts, set their severity levels, and tailor their notification preferences. Nobl9 doesn't stop there; we understand that reliability is further enhanced by minimizing toil and human error. That's why we provide the flexibility of configuring all settings through Infrastructure as Code solutions, whether it's YAML, Terraform, or direct integration with the Nobl9 API. With these capabilities, Nobl9 delivers not just a center for measuring reliability but a comprehensive solution for safeguarding it.

Unlocking the Power of Reliability Reporting

While measuring and alerting are essential for day-to-day operational insights, the true value of reliability management extends beyond these functions. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your systems' reliability and make informed decisions, reporting is paramount. At Nobl9, we recognize this critical need and offer two robust methods for reporting on reliability: operational dashboards and historical reports.

Our Service Health Dashboard provides customers with a real-time snapshot of their system's current state, helping them identify services that may require immediate attention. However, we understand that customers operate in diverse and complex environments, and not all service level objectives are created equal. That's why we've introduced the brand new Reliability Roll-up Report


This unique report empowers customers to define their SLO’s meaning and relevance within their specific context. It allows for the aggregation of reliability measures from multiple SLOs in a way that best suits the customer's needs. Whether you want to focus on critical user journeys, assess the reliability of key business services, or evaluate team performance based on SLO ownership, the Reliability Roll-up Report is your versatile tool. It distills the complexity of reliability into a single, comprehensive metric known as the Reliability Score, enabling you to assess the state of your solutions with precision.

To make reporting even more adaptable, Nobl9 has developed an easy-to-use report wizard that facilitates rapid report generation. Customers can choose predefined filters for quick reports or meticulously design their own data structure for in-depth insights. In each report, individual SLOs are assigned a Reliability Score, calculated based on their adherence to target objectives and time windows. This approach ensures that reporting respects the effort invested in setting meaningful SLO targets.

The individual SLO Reliability Scores are then seamlessly rolled up within the report structure, providing an aggregated Reliability Score at each level. This means that even those with limited time can swiftly assess the overall reliability of their services. Nobl9's Reliability Reports and Dashboards put essential information just one click away, allowing users to quickly identify areas that require attention and focus on what truly matters.

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