Nobl9 Has Joined The Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Nobl9 Has Joined The Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Today we are proud to announce that Nobl9 has become a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation. We know that members of this community are trying to build reliable software, and we want to engage the community to help solve reliability challenges.

We’re looking forward to sharing our ideas, best practices, and tools with the CNCF community.

Software development teams of all sizes face many challenges – technical obstacles, overwhelming choice, complicated incompatibility between systems, and finite resources in terms of time, money, and talent. Open source has reshaped the entire software development landscape. Seemingly intractable and universal infrastructure problems can now be tackled by loosely coupled teams around the globe, working together across historically impermeable company boundaries.

Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies enable incredible developer productivity, but moving faster requires systems and processes that assure software quality. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are critical to making that a reality.  

The Nobl9 platform aligns feature and operations teams around a single set of reliability metrics, allowing them to ship reliable software services consistently. We’re looking forward to sharing our ideas, best practices, and tools with the CNCF community.

Kubernetes is an exceptional project that has made a lasting impact on enterprise and cloud software. Beyond a mere technical marvel, the more significant phenomenon is the community of additional projects, standards, and innovations spawned from its initial core. The ripples of Kubernetes can be felt across the entire industry, and the CNCF is the enabler of that ecosystem.

Our place in that ecosystem – SRE – is still a work in progress. Our focus is on software reliability and service level objectives (SLOs). We have already built integrations with Kubernetes and Prometheus, and we plan to continue those investments. We expect to work with networking technologies like Envoy and Linkerd as we collect more application and service metrics and compare them to desired SLOs.

The CNCF is, of course, much more than Kubernetes, and it’s more than just a foundation. Supporting the CNCF means supporting 48 (and counting) open-source projects. It means Diversity Scholarships. It means software security and legal support for contributors. 

We hope to see you at the KubeCon EU virtual conference. Please stop by our booth, say hello, and let’s make the community the place to be for years to come.

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