AWS CloudWatch support in Nobl9

AWS CloudWatch support in Nobl9

This is a blog by  Natalia SikoraProduct Owner here at Nobl9

I’m happy to announce that from the beginning of October 2021, AWS CloudWatch was added to a quickly growing list of integrations supported by Nobl9. Over the last three months, we launched exciting new features, such as Service Health Dashboard, Labels, or Role-Based Access Control, but also the family of our integrations grew significantly. 

With the Nobl9 Platform, you can configure SLOs using data just as they’re organized in CloudWatch- grouped by regions, namespaces & dimensions.

Natalia Sikora

CloudWatch is a monitoring and observability service and a repository aggregating data from various sources. What’s so special about CloudWatch? If you are a user of Amazon Web Services, you should already have your infrastructure metrics because CloudWatch collects data from over 70 AWS services. In addition to gathering AWS metrics, CloudWatch allows users to publish custom metrics from their services. Creating SLOs using this data is a powerful tool to monitor your products and, let’s not forget, keep your customers happy.  CloudWatch pricing can be complex, but with proper controls in place, you can maximize the value you get from CloudWatch.

With the Nobl9 platform, you can configure SLOs using data just as they’re organized in CloudWatch – grouped by regions, namespaces & dimensions. Once the SLO is set up, Nobl9 will query CloudWatch every minute, because by default CloudWatch will aggregate and store metrics at one-minute resolution.

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It’s worth mentioning that CloudWatch doesn’t send raw data. Instead, customers can pull data aggregated by a statistic function over some time. This integration is so exciting because Nobl9 supports all statistic functions available in CloudWatch – from simple to more sophisticated ones. 

Amazon CloudWatch is available to all Nobl9 customers starting from version 1.17 through a direct connection or via an agent. If you’re interested in other great things released in 1.17, check out our release notes.

And if you’d like to try our platform out and see how it works with CloudWatch or other data sources, create a free account at

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