Nobl9 CRN Cloud top 100 award winner in 2024

Nobl9 Featured In CRN 2024 Cloud 100

crn-cloud-100-2024Named One Of 20 Coolest Cloud Monitoring and Management Companies of 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Nobl9 was named to the CRN 2024 Cloud 100 list - a recognition of the top performers in the cloud industry. This achievement is a testament to our recent accomplishments and our lasting commitment to innovation within the growing service level objective (SLO) space. 

Every year, CRN Magazine names its hottest 100 companies in cloud computing, and for 2024, Nobl9 is honored to have been among them. We were included as one of the 20 top cloud monitoring and management companies, joining such industry luminaries as AppDynamics, Dynatrace and PagerDuty.

In addition to a resounding testament to our product and customer growth, we see this as further confirmation that service level objectives continue to play a vital role in ensuring that reliable cloud computing serves as the flexible, economical, and scalable backbone of modern business.

SLOs and Reliability

Since launching Reliability Center in 2023, we have refocused our efforts on providing a holistic, bird’s eye view of reliability management, giving business executives the direct insights they need, while allowing SREs and individual contributors the ability to drill down to a very granular level. Our inclusion in the CRN Cloud 100 validates the impact we are seeing among our customers. SLOs are the thread that can connect business and technical stakeholders, uniting them in a shared truth of their software's health and reliability. As reliability best practices evolve, and as SLO philosophy becomes more mainstream, SLOs will continue to develop to more touch points across other areas of business. As we see usage grow within companies, SLOs will be built into the fabric of the development process, making them integral to success in achieving higher availability, less downtime, and reduced latency.

Innovation That Matters

At Nobl9, we have spent years building tools that reduce SLO implementation friction, regardless of whether you’re using our platform for SLO management. This is showcased in our vendor agnostic tools such as the Service Level Objective Development Life Cycle (SLODLC). The SLODLC is a repeatable methodology for creating metics that matter to service-centric organizations. Being opensource, SLO practitioners created step-by-step materials, templates, and examples to aid organizations in their journey to adopt SLOs. The SLODLC helps both Nobl9 clients and the broader population of ERP practitioners implement and champion Service Level Objectives within their organizations. 

Equipped with the SLODLC, it’s easier than ever to overcome organizational hurdles when implementing SLOs.

Where We Are Going:

Achieving this award is only possible with the unwavering support of our customers and the reliability community in general. In short, we’re us because you’re you. For that, we are eternally grateful. Know that great things are coming down the line. 

For those not convinced that SLOs are the best way forward for your systems’ reliability, we have some resources for you to check out. The 2023 State of Service Level Objectives explains how this methodology is expanding and becoming commonplace in enterprise organizations. is a tremendous informational resource to see the basics of SLOs and what they’re all about. For those ready to dive right in, we have a free edition of our product, with full support if you run into any roadblocks.

About CRN

Computer Retail News (CRN) is a leading IT industry news provider. The publication covers a wide range of topics related to the IT industry, including hardware, software, cloud services, security, networking, and more. The CRN editorial team also comprises award lists for sectors within the industry. It is an honor to recognized in the 2024 Cloud 100. Formerly, CRN included Nobl9 in the “10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2023 (So Far)” list.

We look forward to speaking with you down the reliability road!

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