Nobl9 Recognized as an EMA All-Star in 2024

Nobl9 Recognized as an EMA All-Star in 2024

Are you a part of the reliability shift?

80% of forward-thinking IT organizations are prioritizing system reliability in 2024. The industry buzz is unmistakable—service level objectives (SLOs) are the game-changer. A staggering 72% of organizations not currently leveraging SLOs have strategic plans to adopt them. The urgency, noted last spring, has only intensified. The question is: Is your organization ready to embrace this transformative shift?

Nobl9 proudly stands as a 2024 EMA Allstar for DevOps Platforms, showcasing our commitment to intelligent SLO Management. This recognition is particularly special for us, given the invaluable insights gathered from the 2023 State of SLOs survey. It's an honor, though not entirely surprising, that EMA has welcomed reliability management organizations into the spotlight this year.

In the words of Torsten Volk, an esteemed analyst from EMA, 

“The ability to continuously release higher-quality software faster, more frequently, at a lower price point and optimally targeted capabilities is crucial for business success in 2024 and beyond.”

Our stellar performance in 2023 played a pivotal role in securing the All-Star title. A highlight from late last year was our remarkable series of integrations:

Cisco Partnership

At the Cisco Partner Summit in November, we launched a sophisticated integration supporting Cisco’s new Observability platform. This integration complemented our existing integrations with Cisco products like ThousandEyes, AppDynamics, and AppDynamics Cloud.

Microsoft Azure Integration: 

Later in November, we rolled out our most robust integration to date with Microsoft’s premier data observability tool, Azure Monitor.

AI Advancements:

Our strides in 2023 responded to the industry's growing emphasis on reliability. As more organizations recognize SLOs as the linchpin of effective reliability management, we've made it our mission to dismantle barriers to adoption and meet you wherever you are on your reliability journey. 

We invite you to experience the power of Nobl9 firsthand. Take the next step in enhancing your organization's reliability journey—explore the free edition of our product today. Whether you're grappling with incidents, aiming to minimize downtime, migrating to the cloud, or seeking more from your observability tools, Nobl9 is your trusted partner in reliability management and the single source of truth for service performance.

We hope to talk reliability with you soon!

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