Nobl9 is now available on Google Cloud and GCP Marketplace

We’re excited to announce our availability on Google Cloud and GCP Marketplace, further strengthening our partnership with Google Cloud. The Nobl9 Service Level Objectives (SLO) Platform helps you interpret observability data by establishing reliability and performance goals centered around your customers. We seamlessly integrate with many data sources, including Google Cloud Monitoring and Google BigQuery. 

By adopting SLOs, businesses can set clear expectations for their services' reliability, ensuring better user experiences and minimizing downtime. The Nobl9 Platform allows you to monitor and measure service health proactively and identify potential issues before they escalate into significant problems.

Simplifying Cloud Transformation

Google Cloud Marketplace offers an integrated and friction-free experience that supports our customer requirements for a common purchase agreement and streamlined procurement process to consolidated billing. Now, Nobl9 subscriptions will appear directly on customers’ Google Cloud invoices, and customers can pay for a portion of this usage with their committed Google Cloud spend. Nobl9 is proud to have a Marketplace first policy. 

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Businesses leveraging Google Cloud can now access Nobl9's SLO services, enabling them to establish and maintain high levels of reliability.

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