introducing the Nobl9 delivery network

Introducing the Nobl9 Delivery Network

Today we are excited to introduce the Nobl9 Delivery Network (N9DN) to help organizations accelerate software development and improve measured reliability. The N9DN brings together leading professional services companies, open standards, industry best practices, and pre-defined service offerings. Members of the N9DN include Cognizant Consulting, Coravant, DoIt, Ergonautic, F33, NearForm, Teleion, and VSceptre.

"Enterprises are now more than ever focused on delivering reliable digital experiences that delight their customers. However, many organizations we talk to are struggling to meet their users’ expectations due to competing priorities and smaller budgets," said Jason Meltzer, Consulting Partner, Cognizant. "In joining the Nobl9 Delivery Network, Cognizant Consulting is contributing our vast capabilities and expertise to enhance this already thriving community and its ability to help clients accelerate their reliability improvements."

Organizations today are under pressure to innovate while keeping their services up and running as intended. If you are contemplating SLOs for reliability, migration/modernization initiatives, or AI guardrails – you need to know it takes more than a tool or training. It's a sustained effort to drive a fundamental shift in your team. 

The Nobl9 Delivery Network covers your journey – providing education and content when you want it and services when you need them. 

Power of the Community

Transparency is critical to building trust with end customers trying to solve problems. The SLO community, sparked by SLOconf, the annual meeting of SLO practitioners, and open-source projects like OpenSLO, SLODLC, and, has already built robust tools that organizations can adopt. By combining open-source solutions, proven methodologies, substantial experience and expertise, and various players with a different focuses, the Nobl9 Delivery Network is poised to bring tangible business value to enterprises trying to improve reliability. 

“SLOs are a cornerstone of Teleion’s success as a trusted partner, accountable for service delivery of measurable business impact, to many of the global Fortune 50 companies headquartered in the Pacific Northwest,” said Jon Elliott, Managing Partner, Teleion. “In today’s environment of increasing cost of capital and profitability pressures, collaborating with Nobl9 and the community that has provided foundational assets like SLODLC, OpenSLO, and r9y, creates a material competitive advantage. We now have the tools to accelerate reliability solutions – allowing us to target our client’s finite resources, positioning them with an unassailable competitive advantage.”

How You Approach SLOs Matters

We recently surveyed more than 300 IT professionals and executives regarding their reliability initiatives and where SLOs played a role. There were several positive results for how and why companies are using SLOs. For example, 82 percent of respondents intend to increase their use of SLOs, and 96 percent have mapped SLOs directly to their business operations or already have a plan to. Results are also becoming quantitative, with 95 percent of respondents indicating that SLOs help them make better business decisions and 27 percent of companies stating that SLOs have saved them $500,000 or more. However, we also heard loud and clear that the DIY approach to SLOs creation and management generates challenges. Findings included:

  • 91% noted SLOs need to span environments, workloads, and applications;
  • 90% revealed several measurement approaches are required to manage SLOs properly;
  • Most companies are taking a DIY approach to building and managing SLOs; and,
  • 97% report it is difficult to manage SLOs, leading to a lack of reporting, application, environment support, and interoperability issues. 

Nobl9 is Here to Help Members

The Nobl9 Delivery Network can provide services to ease the adoption of SLOs. Our highly experienced engineering experts will help you build a program that can scale to your organization's needs, measure results, and significantly impact the team.

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