Navigating Service Level Objectives and Graceful Degradation: A Webinar with Stanza, Google, & Pagerduty

In the dynamic digital era, service reliability emerges as a cornerstone principle that underpins today's infrastructural and operational models. For organizations navigating the complexities of software services, implementing Service Level Objectives (SLOs) along with strategies for graceful degradation has proven essential in maintaining customer trust and ensuring user satisfaction.

Our recent webinar, "Graceful Degradation and SLOs that we hosted alongside Stanza," featured an insightful discussion on the interplay between service level objectives (SLOs) and graceful degradation strategies. Moderated by our very own Alex Hidalgo, the author of "Implementing Service Level Objectives," the session brought together esteemed industry thought leaders such as Niall Murphy,  Jennifer Mace, and Mandi Walls, who shared their expertise on the topic.

Nobl9, Google SRE, Stanza & Pagerduty

Our discussion didn't just dwell on theory - we presented practical approaches to integrate graceful degradation within organizations' reliability matrices seamlessly. Our panelists stressed the importance of being proactive instead of waiting for an incident to define the reliability of their services.


The webinar culminated with the panelists sharing real-world success stories, illustrating how the combination of SLOs and graceful degradation can make life easier for teams across organizations. These stories spanned diverse industries, from gaming to e-commerce, yet the principles remained steadfast—transforming a theoretical framework into tangible, impactful results.

Learn how SLOs empower organizations to maintain service reliability and availability, even amidst the challenges related to managing complex software. 

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