SRE Influencer, Author and Speaker Alex Hidalgo Joins NOBL9 to Help Build Company’s SLO Platform for More Reliable Software


Alex Hidalgo—site reliability engineer, cloud influencer and author of more than 20 publications and talks on SRE—has joined Boston-based startup Nobl9 to spearhead internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) efforts for the company and also contribute to the development and launch of the Nobl9 software reliability platform.

Hidalgo is the author of “Implementing Service Level Objectives,” which was published in paperback by O’Reilly Media last week. He previously contributed to multiple chapters of Google’s well-known SRE textbook, “The Site Reliability Workbook,” also published by O’Reilly, and he has authored and presented extensively on SRE and SLOs.

Hidalgo was first introduced to the concept of SRE at Google where he worked alongside the engineers who pioneered the concept. He became passionate about the value of Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and also developed a deep love for sustainable operations, proper observability and using error budgets to drive decisions. He became one of the primary developers of the Google IT Professional Certification program and joined Google’s elite Customer Reliability Engineering team, which was tasked with teaching Google’s largest cloud customers “how to SRE.”

Most recently, Hidalgo was a site reliability engineer at Squarespace, where he focused on sharing the concepts of SLO-based approaches to service reliability by speaking at conferences across the globe. His presentations have addressed concepts such as sustainable operations, incident response management, and developing meaningful SLIs and SLOs.

“As I’ve traveled around the world training SREs and sharing my passion for SLOs, I’ve been blessed to have many employment opportunities come my way, but Nobl9 is the one that captured my attention,” said Hidalgo. “This talented team clearly gets what SLOs are all about. Nobl9 is developing a stand-alone reliability platform—not some plug-in or bolt-on—totally built around SLOs. I immediately connected with Nobl9’s vision of providing SLO tooling and education for the industry—it’s a great fit at a great time.”

“Alex Hidalgo is an expert in all things SLO, and his passion for application and education dovetails perfectly with the mission of Nobl9,” said Alex Nauda, chief technology officer for Nobl9. “As our principal SRE, Alex will play an instrumental role in building reliable infrastructure and guiding our own corporate SRE team, channeling those learnings into the continued development and enhancement of our platform, which will help organizations build more reliable software. Nobl9 is also dedicated to SLO education and evangelism, so Alex’s talents as a writer, speaker and teacher will be highly leveraged in that capacity as well. We are pleased to add such a passionate, talented and versatile member to our team.”

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Nobl9, the software reliability platform startup, is in the noble pursuit of reliable software. Founded by Marcin Kurc and Brian Singer who joined Google via acquisition of Orbitera, Nobl9 helps software developers, DevOps practitioners, and reliability engineers deliver reliable features faster through software-defined Service Level Objectives that link monitoring and other logging and tracing data to user happiness and business KPIs. The company is backed by Battery Ventures, CRV, Bonfire and Resolute Ventures and is headquartered in Boston with a distributed team. More at

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