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If you’re new to Nobl9 and building SLOs, you might wonder, “Where should I start?” To help you get up and running, Nobl9 has created SLOcademy, an educational resource providing a range of comprehensive walkthroughs.what is SLOcademy

Simply click on one of the available topics, and SLOcademy will guide you through the process. Each section contains an overview of the topic and written instructions; some also provide video tutorials, including useful tips and tricks.

Let’s dive in!

In SLOcademy, you can find basic tutorials to help you get started with Nobl9 and choose the best connection method (Direct or Agent) to collect data from your service in real time.

get started with Nobl9

You can also leverage SLOcademy to learn how to use Nobl9 to build Service Level Objectives (SLOs) from your existing monitoring solution: follow the written instructions or watch the video tutorials to find out how to complete the four steps required to create an SLO. 

create first slo in 4 steps

The “Manage your SLO” topic will teach you the basics of setting up Alerts, Alert Methods, and Alert Policies. You’ll also find out how to use other Nobl9 features, such as labels and annotations.

manage your slo

If you want to create a new SLO with the error budget calculated based on historical data, follow SLOcademy’s three-step guide to creating your SLO with Replay.

create slo with replay

You can also explore how to leverage SLOs as code with sloctl, Nobl9’s command-line interface (CLI), or use the Nobl9 Terraform provider to create and manage Nobl9 resources in a Terraform configuration file.

get started with sloctl

We hope that SLOcademy will answer all your questions as you get started with the Nobl9 platform and help you leverage it to the fullest. Stay tuned, as new topics will be added in the future!

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