Former Snowflake and AppDynamics Sales Executive Joins Nobl9 to Lead Worldwide Sales

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Originally published at Business Wire on August 26th, 2021

Waltham, MA – 8/26/21, 2021 – Nobl9, the software reliability platform company, today announced that Joanne Falla, longtime sales leader at Snowflake, AppDynamics, and BMC Software, has joined Nobl9 to lead the company’s worldwide sales. As a major accounts director at Snowflake, Falla was part of the sales team whose explosive growth led to the largest software IPO in history. 

SLOs are creating a way for enterprises to have conversations around software reliability that have never been possible before

Falla joins Nobl9 in its mission to transform how companies manage software reliability in the cloud. Nobl9’s founders started the company after their previous company was acquired by Google – and they witnessed firsthand the power of Google’s approach to reliability, called Service Level Objectives (SLOs). As the first platform built specifically around SLOs, Nobl9 gives developers, DevOps teams, and site reliability engineers easy access to the same reliability principles that run the world’s most popular cloud services at Google.

Nobl9 is the first software automation platform purpose-built to make SLOs the centerpiece of DevOps & reliability engineering — making SLO definition achievable for Agile teams, while providing a path forward for interoperability of SLO data with the greater ecosystem of application performance monitoring and cloud infrastructure to leverage SLOs and make observability actionable.

“SLOs are creating a way for enterprises to have conversations around software reliability that have never been possible before,” said Falla. “Agile teams need a way to demonstrate that the software they build is meeting customer happiness objectives, and a counter-balance to weigh reliability against development speed in a way that product managers and business stakeholders alike can understand. There is a massive market of enterprises that are heavily invested in APM and logging tools, and looking for a cleaner lens to reason with reliability metrics that actually matter, and I couldn’t be more excited to lead sales for Nobl9.”

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Nobl9, the software reliability platform company, is in the noble pursuit of reliable software. Founded by Marcin Kurc and Brian Singer, who joined Google via the acquisition of Orbitera, Nobl9 helps software developers, DevOps practitioners, and reliability engineers deliver reliable features faster through software-defined Service Level Objectives that link monitoring and other logging and tracing data to user happiness and business KPIs. The company is backed by Battery Ventures, CRV, Bonfire, Harmony, Resolute, and Sorenson and is headquartered in Boston with a distributed team. More at and at the Nobl9 free resource library.

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