Service Level Objectives for ThousandEyes


With the Nobl9 integration for ThousandEyes, Network Engineers can quickly build and automate SLOs to give real-time context to your data. By leveraging our new Essential Network Gauges (ENG) GitHub repository, you have access to prebuilt SLOs on your preexisting ThousandEyes data, making it easier than ever to start on your reliability journey.

Get started with these easy steps
  1. Sign up for Nobl9 Free Edition
  2. Add ThousandEyes as a Nobl9 data source
  3. Build and view ThousandEyes SLOs in Nobl9

Seamlessly manage and get real-time, network-focused insights on your ThousandEyes data with Nobl9.

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ThousandEyes with Nobl9

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GitHub Repository: Access to prebuilt SLO templates for ThousandEyes
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