Webinar: Navigating DORA Compliance

Insights From Industry Leaders

Originally recorded on July 16, 2024


The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is reshaping the landscape for critical service providers worldwide. As the January 2025 implementation date approaches, organizations must adapt not only their policies and procedures but also their technology solutions. Learn how industry-leading technologies are working together to address:  

  • Risk management and resilience  
  • DevOps practices and AI-driven resilience strategies 
  • Third-party oversight and incident response. 
  • Test/validation methods and transparency 

Meet the Presenters:

brian-singerBrian Singer, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer at Nobl9


eric-baranEric Baran, Global Sales leader - DevOps and Generative AI, Financial Services, at Amazon Web Services (AWS)



Maria-tsaniMaria E. Tsani, Head of Financial Services Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs EMEA at Amazon Web Services (AWS)



1718553774626Ganesh Seetharaman, Managing Director - Cloud Engineering - Technology Resiliency Offering Leader