5 Strategies and Business Benefits of SLOs

Originally recorded February 8, 2024

Unlocking Operational Excellence: Mastering SLO Strategies for SREs and CTOs

Alex Hidalgo recently sat down with us again to answer all the questions from the Q&A. Watch here!

88 % of the companies using service level objectives (SLOs) to manage key business indicators report bottom-line savings of 50k or more.

Renowned reliability expert Alex Hidalgo, author of "Implementing Service Level Objectives" (O’Reilly 2020), is your guide in an insightful webinar. Explore proven strategies for effectively implementing Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Uncover invaluable benefits to level-up your reliability, placing you on par with — or even ahead of — competitors who have embraced these powerful practices. 

  • Improve developer and end-user experience
  • Reduce environmental on-call stress for developers
  • Connect business and technical stakeholders over reliability

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