Nobl9 and Stanza Present:

Graceful Degradation and SLOs

Webinar recorded on March 28, 2024

Don't miss out on our webinar, Graceful Degradation and SLOs, where our expert panel explores the symbiotic relationship between service level objectives (SLOs) and graceful degradation strategies. Moderated by Alex Hidalgo, author of "Implementing Service Level Objectives," this session features esteemed industry thought leaders Niall Murphy, Jennifer Mace, and Mandi Walls.

Learn how SLOs empower organizations to maintain service reliability and availability, even amidst the challenges related to managing complex software. Discover how graceful degradation strategies can improve user satisfaction in the face of disruptions or resource limitations.

Our panelists delve into:

  • The synergy between SLOs and graceful degradation
  • Practical approaches to implementing graceful degradation within your reliability framework
  • Key considerations for defining and measuring SLOs in dynamic environments
  • Real-world examples showcasing successful integration of SLOs and graceful degradation

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